How to stop working (in the future)

How to stop working (in the future) The future is a very scary place. Both today and tomorrow.Now, each of us is on the verge of a mass transition (deportation, specialization, etc.) and elimination of work entirely.This can be done, for example, by creating an agency or a corporation. Which will become the owner of all the airplane seats, parking lots, and garages in our city. Today, there is a real "hunt" for programmers, designers, etc. specialists who can understand the rapidly changing needs of our people. And those who are willing to wait... 2) Survive and work "as hard as possible"This is what the labor market in the near future will look like for each of us.Already, hundreds of thousands of programmers, designers, and all those who work "for your uncle" on the remote control will be out of work. Because they will be extremely scarce. 3) Remote work and online earningsToday, there is a real "explosion" of small and medium-sized businesses.They are literally competing with each other for the same amount of money (with the exception of the owners of the main place of work: sales and office staff). This is a real "hunt" for specialists and their products. Which will be a real "battle" for offer your services to your friends and colleagues.4) Online earnings For today, the lion's share of online earnings will be received by the user. And not only that, the pay will be significantly higher — so keep an eye out for the "Rapture" of your Internet.I suggest that you do the same. And be sure to update your resume and add relevant information to it.5) Universal digitalizationRobots, thanks to their constant work, make us smarter and more professional. They provide us with a high level of efficiency in almost every area of life: in our personal lives, in work, in business, and finally, with the universal "smartness" of the Internet. In the digital age, we have become "digital natives": we watch TV shows and movies, listen to music, make online purchases, and learn new information. And I have to say that I also upgraded my skills: in the field of cooperation and cooperation with other people, I became an expert in communicating with people and increasing their cooperation.Executive SUMMARY:Read any book on financial literacy. Don't wait until it's time to do it. Go ahead — write it down "what you need to do in the near future";then start doing it. 1) Read my article " Where NOT to invest money? TOP 3 most dangerous places for money". 2) Read my article "what skills you need to become rich".