A few thoughts about money (they will make your wallet noticeably thicker)

A few thoughts about money (they will make your wallet noticeably thicker) It may surprise us, but the essence of money is our thoughts.Whether our family's finances are bad or we're doing really well with money, our thoughts determine the thickness of our wallet and the thickness of those relationships with other people who are much thinner.So, here's what you should pay more attention to thoughts than your everyday, pre-packaged, unenviable, everyday thoughts about money.1) a Thoughtless person's money is like a "remote control" that slowly, steadily and inexorably turns our hands into plowshares.Therefore, if you occasionally get the urge to snatch up your wallet and "spend" what you earn, you know that this is exactly the case. disorder — in addition to the inevitable "kick" to your dignity and the good things that come with high incomes.2) Money spontaneously "conspire" to give us income.Let me explain…Every time you receive a salary, you put it aside and take out a loan to pay it back.And only when you are done with the loan, do you start making savings again. But not when the crisis comes. And when it's time to start looking for a new job or a job in another region.3) Financial prosperity is not luck or luck alone. It is the result of our personal habits and habits of daily handling of money.It is thanks to this process of taking steps to the right level of financial prosperity that the global economy has been growing for the last 10 years.It is this process of moving towards big money that I suggest we talk about in today's article.4) Where and how can you become a wealthy person?This question worries everyone who has received a decent education and has a good job.Moreover, it is not enough for the state to provide you with a good "financial cushion" and stable future income.You need to start "making friends" with money — by creating a stable "relationship" with them. And this is the only way your income will grow and multiply.5) What "money" rules don't allow you to get rich.If you do not set yourself a goal for personal financial growth, then your financial growth will be very modest.Although, of course, there will be a lot of things for you to do in this area:set a goal for yourself;do the necessaryizations for your family budget;look for additional earnings;plan to optimize your expenses;figure out how you can earn extra money;think about your investment strategy;etc.The main thing is to get started! This is the only way to avoid disappointment.6) Don't try to find the "bottom".There are no secret formulas for money. There are no hidden hidden pockets or secret adepts. There are only "invisible hands" of the most ordinary people.Executive